Wyatt's Diamond Jewelers

We will be closed February 1st & 2nd, and will re-open on Thursday February 3rd back to regular posted hours.

About Us

In 1903, Ritchie’s Watch Repair and Jewelry opened in Monroe. A local watchmaker, Mr. Ritchie was busy servicing and maintaining the watches for railroad employees, and began selling finished jewelry as well. This tradition of supporting the needs of the local community continues to this day at Wyatt’s Diamond Jewelers.

We are the 5th local family to proudly own this jewelry and timepiece business; from the Ritchie’s, to the Nelson’s, to the Sullivan’s, to the Broughton’s, to our family now, the focus of the store has always been to serve the needs of our Snohomish County Community.

The store was located on Main Street Monroe since 1903. We moved the business to the Kelsey Creek area in 2007, in preparation for the next 100 years.

Our story

Having been in the wholesale manufacturing part of the jewelry industry since 1976, when the Broughton family chose to retire, our family purchased the store. Our focus has always been on the customers and helping them to create the best possible jewelry items for those special moments in their lives. Whether it is an item we have already produced or something custom designed and fabricated to order, every piece will be the best to symbolize their love.